4 definitions by Hooks<3Jesus{in the most unholy of holes}

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dirty slut who will have sex with anyone one anywhere.
Everyone in the dorm has seen harrison's girlfriend naked.
very hot likes anything hit that shit up. also see harrison's mom,harrison's girlfriend, Hook's mom.
Harrison's sister is coming this weekend. ALRIGHT
A very hot MILF who will give it up to anyone, even Hooks. She doesn't mind going in either hole, though she enjoys from the back from the indian kid. One of the most popular dorm activities along with Hook's mom and harrison's sister. Also see, Harrison's girlfriend, that dirty slut. She had sex with a ugly person and gave head to a scwhwami.
Shut up harrison, or i'm going to give it to your mom, hard. Harrison's mom dated a puerto rican and they banged like rabbits.
SHOW ME THEM TITTIES AAAAAAAHHHHH. A starter course for those wishing to progress to harrison's sister, and harrison's mom.
Hooks's mom has got it going on. Hooks's mom has big titties.

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