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Kinuvans elder love mistress.
<hugs YOU!!>
"I saw Kinuvan making sweet cyber to Wildenae in the Plane of Tranquility"

"Wildenae is old and rotten"
by Hoohah February 04, 2004
Maylen has had sex with him SO many times.
"I heard Maylen peened Gokuu last night!"

"Gokuu sexxed"
by Hoohah February 04, 2004
Semedi won the druid Best of the Best in Everquest and was soon after defeated publicly by Maylen. Obviously Semedi loves the peen.
"Dude, Semedi was pwned by Maylen!"
"I heard that Semedi took peen in the bottom"
by Hoohah February 04, 2004
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