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Something edited or taken out... Part of the original work that's gone missing in the finished product.

In the days before we had uber-cool computers, film and music had to be edited "by hand"... This involved taking actual recorded tape or developed film, cutting it to remove or insert the bit in question, and then splicing the tape or film for use. The bits cut out would end up, at least temporarily, on the cutting room floor.
Bob and Marsha were going to tell each other thier secrets before they got married... But somehow her affair with Tony ended up on the cutting room floor.
by Honor July 24, 2004
A practitioner of the most grave and foul of sins: Godomy... Which is to say, of course, someone who's become so deliriously happy with having god up their own ass that they try to forcibly shove god up your ass as well.

This is distinct from someone who tries to shove a non-deitic imaginary being up your ass... The proper term for that sort of person is "demented ass-freak". You can keep the specifics clear with this handy rule of thumb: Remember... All godomites are demented ass-freaks, but not all demented ass-freaks are godomites.

Anyone currently living in the US will recognize this one right away, but probably assume it refers only to radical christians. Actually it means anyone who tries to forcibly shove any deitic being up your ass.
Preacher Bob: Do you know JC? Lemme tell you about JC! JC is so wonderful, he can walk on water! JC died for your sins! I -love- JC, he's the best. Everything is better with JC! What would JC do? No JC, no peace - Know JC, know peace! Have you accepted JC as your personal dominatrix... -er- ...I mean "savior"! heh... Silly me.
Healthy person: Eeek!! Godomite! Get away from me!
by Honor January 20, 2006
A qualifying phrase intended to illustrate that someone has done a great deal in a short time... i.e: between the hours of 9 and 12, the shorter "half" of the workday.

Used sarcastically, sort of a "that's it?" illustrator.
I've researched the Abraham case on WestLaw and Lexis, ordered new office software for the front desk, sat three new client consultations, run to the courthouse and filed our motions, and had my oil changed on the way back, all before lunch.

Sarcastically: Hey, I called the office supplies place and ordered the pens you asked for. "Wow... All that before lunch?"
by Honor June 23, 2004
Very distant and/or out of the way... Forever.

Often simply 'hell and gone'
Lady, you are hell and gone from Cartegena.
by Honor June 23, 2004
A category of endeavor in which one is highly skilled, well prepared, or blessed with natural talent and, therefore, enjoys a high liklihood of success.

From card games relying on making or ditching books or tricks, such as Hearts or Spades. In a making game, for example, if you are holding all or most of the desired cards in a given suit (hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs) then you can be fairly sure of taking a high number of 'books' or plays.
I'm going to need some help getting ready for this test... Math's really not my strong suit.

Get Melanie to talk to her for you... Diplomacy's always been her strong suit.
by Honor June 23, 2004
chat shorthand - Back In A Bit
biab - gotta feed the cat.
by Honor June 23, 2004
Generally, used as a denial of sexual or romantic intimacy or designs.
Are you two dating?

No. We're just good friends.
by Honor July 14, 2004

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