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A mildly derisive term used by North Americans. Refers to Europeans who: speak broken English, wear gaudy clothing that is probably fashionable where they come from, but isn’t here; wear a severe amount of cologne and always dress like they are about to go to nightclub (even in the middle of the day); wear lots of inappropriate leather (especially leather pants), listen to bad electronic music, and rock lots of ugly-metallic jewelry. This term is usually only applied to dudes, because foreign chicks can have off style and still be hot.
Heinrich: Hey Oontz, go get me another Zima
Oontz: Ve are all out of Zima. Instead let us ride in my 2007 alfa romeo and listen to bad techno.
Heinrich: We smell very good.
Oontz: Agreed.
Observer: you are euro trash.
by Honalee November 02, 2005
Dude nudity; nude dudes. Can refer to actually naked males, or to dudes that are showing an inappropriate amount of skin.
Example 1: "Don't see that movie, it’s a total chick flick and it's full of full-frontal dudity."

Example 2:
Bro #1’s ass crack is showing.
Bro #2 chastises: “Ahk, nice dudity bro” *averts his eyes*
Bro #1: “sorry bro” *pulls up pants*

Example 3: A dude goes to class with no shirt on. This would be an inappropriate display of dudity.
by Honalee November 04, 2005
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