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n) The act of producing zerglings in one's hatchery in mass quantities and subsequently sending them to attack enemy structures or units with the intention of overwhelming the opposition by causing destruction before sufficient defence can be mustered (or mustard, depending on the circumstances).
OMGWTFLOLBBQ LING RUSH gogogogogogo kekekekeekekek NR 20 min... pr3p4r3 t0 b3 pwnx0r'd, n00bi3s! 4ll y0ur 13ase r b3l0ng 2 us!!! LOL GOATSE
by Homestar Runner February 29, 2004
let's face it...saying it once just doesn't mean anything anymore...
Someone: "Time to do some Solids homework!!"
by Homestar runner February 01, 2005
A young man who always has a stogie in his mouth in order for him to remember his grandfather whom died of lung cancer.
After Stogie Joe came in and killed everyone's buzz, he continued to take the young girl back to his room and receive a blumpkin.
by Homestar Runner June 19, 2004
an abbreviation for "i fucked her"
John: Dude look at that chick over there.
Kyle: Who, her? IFH, dude.
by Homestar Runner August 09, 2003

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