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Owner of Bubs' Concession Stand. Enjoys eating his profits and dancing. Has such amazing concessions as cheats,ketchup,catsup,the letter "D",a Strong Sad voodoo doll,a "Deep Impact" DVD,and Strong Bad's gold plated,monogrammed,oven mitts. Also creates "Spamvertisements"
Bubs:I got all types of crazy crap!
by Homestar fan June 26, 2003
Classic version of Strong Sad. Looks like a Strong Sad skeleton wearing a potato sack for clothing.
Sickly Sam:Can I have some soup.
Homestar:Sorry,Sickly Sam.I'd wish you'd just leave us alone.
by Homestar fan June 26, 2003
1.) Some guy with a funny accent that just isn't cut out to say the word 'job'.
2.)A coach--or so we think--from another country, who sleeps in the locker room and coaches Homestar Runner and his friends at no particular sport.
3.)A rare specimen--Usually has a white head that moves when it talks, that also includes two eyes and a purple hat. Has green body and a large emblum displaying the letter 'Z' near the waist.
1.)Coach Z: "Oh, jeez...I'm just not cut out to say the word JOREARGB. How am I ever gonna face the boys at practice tamarro?"
2.)I wonder if Coach Z will say the word 'job' right at practice today?
3.)I saw Coach Z walking down the street last week.
by homestar fan July 15, 2003
An odd little pale thing with a blue shirt that has his name on it. Nobody but Strong Sad likes him. Although this song from the 60s was raised by a cup of coffee and he was the pride of the peaches. He still doesn't like it when either his Jengaship or Jengajam is shanken.
Homsar:Kelsey Grammar
by Homestar fan June 26, 2003

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