19 definitions by Homer Simpson

an unattractive member of the opposite sex, usually female
man your bitch is such a dog!
by homer simpson March 24, 2005
A word I started using to replace the well over-used word "sweet". I used to say sweet, and then added the "like candy" for emphasis. "Man, that car is sweet like candy." I then shortened it to simply "candy". I use it instead of sweet in everyday conversation.
1 dude..."Dude, there's free ber at the Junction tonight!"
Another dude..."Candy."

Now if I could just find a word to use instead of dude...
by Homer Simpson June 15, 2003
Some lion that dies in lion king, cuz he's sweet.
Moofasa is a lion.
by Homer Simpson March 17, 2003
stuff all around ur cock and ballas and stuff....of all different colors...some people have a lot of it an some people don't, pubes
1) there is hair on my balls, ew.
2) dude, put ur hair on ur balls away, dont show me that!
by homer simpson June 08, 2003
Any heavy metal band.
pseudo goths are on the verge of becoming full fledged gay vampires
by Homer Simpson June 28, 2004

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