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A homeless person, or hobo, who performs oral sex on police officers in return for being arrested so they can spend the night in a warm jail cell.
Murphy got sick of getting rained on so he went all hobocop! "Dead or alive, you're coming in me!"
by Homeless Joe September 08, 2007
A day trader or similar white-collar employee who has rough hairy intercourse with homeless people in their makeshift cardboard shelters.
Dave is such a homelessexual--he does the nasty with the nasty! He and the hobo did the dirty deed!
by Homeless Joe September 08, 2007
Divine combination of Egyptian sun god Ra who is in the sky therefore sky-ra as well as a short ginger with who needs to relax she's never "chill"
Damnnit Skyra why didnt you want to be makeout buddies?
by homeless joe October 12, 2014

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