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A girl, through either being a Fuckbox or having an annoying personaility, is only good for fucking.
Terry: How did that date with the girl off the party go?
Sheldon: Pretty shit, OGFS.
Terry: ...Send her over to me
by Homak October 21, 2011
Slutty attractive girl with the personailty and intelligence of a cardboard box; an easy fuck. OGFS
Keith: How'd it go with that fit girl from work last night?
Jerald: Dude, she was a total fuckbox.
Keith: Nice...
by Homak October 21, 2011
1.Alternative method of payment to Cash in Strip Clubs during private dances. Refered to ironically. The swiping of a Credit Card against a womans shaven Gash to process the payment.

2.Feminine offering; offering sex as payment as a alternative to Cash

Stipper: Do you want more?
Nick: I dont have any cash right now; can I use my Gash card instead?

Landlord: I have come to collect the rent
Karen: Im broke; do you take Gash?
Landlord: Why, yes I do.
by Homak October 21, 2011
Using the sympathy generated from a recent divorce as a way of picking up guys or girls on rebound; either for the recipient or target.

NB: Especially effective in situations with friends called Luke
Jim: Go lay it on that girl over there
Luke: Im not sure im ready after my divorce.
Jim: Use the Vorce, Luke.

Jess: What about that cute guy over there?
Sera: I heard he just got divorced; what do you think?
Jess: Use the Vorce Sara, he'll be well up for it.
by Homak October 21, 2011

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