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Usually someone whom can be a pain in the ass , but after it all you still can look at her and say boy , thats my girl, or thats my mom.Usually someone whom will never give up even if shes wrong he will still keep fghting about it.A BEAUTIFUL lady , generous, amazing and just Herlainy.It is a name which is not common at all , so if you ever met an Herlainy, lemme just give you one advice.Hold her tight and dont let her go because if you do , youll regret her.
Guy 1:Bro -.- shes so beautiful but she doesnt quit.Even when shes wrong she still finds a way to make her point.

Guy 2: No shit sherlock, thats Herlainy
#beautiful #uncertain #hard worker #generous #loud !
by Holyshitbroitsme January 17, 2012
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