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1.) A health restorative item in the RPG Xenogears; restores 100 Health Points(HP). Noun.

2.) A witty, sarcastic, smart-ass satirist who knows too much. Noun.
Fei used an Aquasol to restore Elhaym's health.

Aquasol is my lord, master, and sex slave.

Aquasol would laugh at the irony of the above example.
by Holy Dragon Sword May 08, 2004
1.)A forum that is the epitome of online ignorance and stupidity, rampant with dullards, blind fanboys, badd grammer, and power-whores.

2.)Forum/website covering the 32(and above)-bit era of Final Fantasy, along with FF VI.

3.)That forum that helped Aquasol decide to leave the internet in its entirety for three long years, because the world was too stupid.
They say if you get a retard to excrete Hawaii's favorite canned 'meat', you'll have FFOnline.

"I wonder if the place has changed any? It's been so long...I almost miss the place, and hope that it's changed for the better..."
by Holy Dragon Sword September 17, 2004
Against popular thought-- sorta like what punk USED to be, before all these shat-out poppy bands performed a horrible injustice to the genre.
Dalton Trumbo's Johnny Got His Gun was anathema to how people tend to view the thoughts of WWI-- that they supported war. Trumbo, along with much of the US, was opposed to it.

Anathema to teen logic, Aquasol is opting to go to prom alone, not because it's "punk", not just because he's introverted, but because he just felt like it.
by Holy Dragon Sword May 18, 2004
1.)Meg Ryan-lookalike main character of FF X, who, despite being flat-chested, is one hot chick. Wha? You mean THAT is a guy?

2.)"Sun" in Japanese(Okinawan dialect?).
That Tidus is one hot girl.
...Dude, Tidus is a guy...
by Holy Dragon Sword May 12, 2004
Giant ostrich-like bird from the Final Fantasy game series. First appeared in FF II, and may appear in various colors, each color possessing a special power. Tastes great fried, and really good gravy can be made from it. Feeds a family of 12.
"I just got some KFC-- Kentucky Fried Chocobo!"

Cloud made naughty, naughty love to the cute little chocobo.
by Holy Dragon Sword May 08, 2004
1.)The acid you really shouldn't drop.

2.)Umm...an acid...that happens to be brown.
Last time you dropped the brown acid, you stood on the roof thinking you were Jesus for three weeks!

Y'know...I could've sworn that Hydrochloric acid isn't naturally brown...
by Holy Dragon Sword May 14, 2004

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