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A 'Geordie' is a person from Newcastle, UK. They have been named the nicest in Britain. Famous people such as Cheryl Cole and Joe McElderry are Geordies. Not all people from Newcastle have strong accents, there is a stereotype of Geordies that they are rough, common slobs who nest in council houses and suckle on 'Newcastle Brown Ale' and 'Guiness' all day. This should be ignored, as only the small minority of people from Newcastle are like this, people are like that everywhere, not just in the North East. People are generally well educated, and Gosforth High School is one of the best schools in the North and East.
Typical Geordie 1: Yee gannin' home?
Typical Geordie 2: Aye.
by Holmesss January 31, 2011

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