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a term originally created in Nashville, Tennessee, used to describe an irritating, overzealous fan. A fan that will not stop at simply being a fan of the music--they must also try to find a way to be involved in your life somehow. A fan that talks their way backstage, and has convinced themselves that the artist/band really likes them and wants them around. A fan that bothers the artist or band in a restaurant while they eat, or in a store while they shop. A fan that refuses to take the hint that their presence is not desired. A fan totally unaware of themselves and how annoying they are.
Did you see poor Jamey Johnson getting gurmed by that fat girl? Yeah, the recurring one.
Jason Aldean was seen hiding from a gurm backstage at the CMA awards.
Country Music Fest is major gurm fest.
by HollyKHouse June 04, 2013

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