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A super hard ass brass instrument that is mastered by only the greatest musicians.(duck, holden, michael, etc.minus kennan) No matter what you other fat fucker band geeks have to say.
Duck, Holden, and michael rock out the trumpet in class while kennan fucks everything up.
by Holden Smith December 01, 2006
What you see when a ugly cheerleader kicks up her leg.
When the ugliest cheerleader in C'field kicked up her leg, all you could see was her poompa sack.
by Holden Smith December 01, 2006
A very big low brass instrument that is fucked by guys with GIANT dicks; also a instrument that a fat guy named Robbie rules.
The black guys got caught taking turns fucking the tuba during lunch break.
by Holden Smith December 01, 2006
A very gay squeeky woodwind instrument that is also sometimes used to satisfy male sexual desires.
The dude got suspended because he was caught playing and having sex with his oboe during school.
by Holden Smith December 01, 2006

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