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1. Professor Cuntburglar is a ghost; the wife of a witch.

2. When high on marijuana a game can be played entitled Professor Cuntburglar. One must sense who is being a Professor Cuntburglar and call them out on it; typically everyone will be able to notice the shift of the Professor inhabiting various people in the room.

How he shifts:

Being a Professor Cuntburglar is to be a Professor Cuntburglar. Also, to be a Professor Cuntburglar is being a Professor Cuntburglar.
John: Taylor is such a Professor Cuntburglar right now
Chris: Such a Professor Cuntburglar
Taylor: I hate you so much, choke on a dick
John & Chris: Ok, Professor.
by HohohoMuthaFuckas February 01, 2010
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