2 definitions by Hoger the German

Midway through coitus, you realise the girls too loose to provide necessary friction. Stick 2 fingers up her arse and, whilst forming the fabled "V's", invert them & give yourself a tug-job from the inside.
I'm not saying she was a bucket, but I had to give myself Churchill's salute just to reach my dairy strokes.
by Hoger the German February 26, 2010
Any red, fruit-flavoured Belgian beer, preferably one of the scary opaque ones.

Served in a glass, looks like hell. Typically strong enough to fell a cow the cloudy shit guarantees a massive hangover.
PW drank 8 pints of beeriod last night; he wasn't so much on the rag as on the carpet.
by Hoger the German February 26, 2010

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