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a defiant demand usually used to add emphasis to eat my ass
Have a spoon... so you EAT MY ASS! FUCK YOU!
by Hodgit August 06, 2004
v. adj. Having the characteristics or likeness of a git. Something sickening.
Don't buy a Fiat Cinquecento -- they're gittish.
by Hodgit August 06, 2004
v. n. the act of defecating and masturbating simultaneously, usually for the purpose of attempting to enhance one's orgasm.

sh(it) + (w)ank
No time for spooning, I'm going to have a shank.
by Hodgit August 06, 2004
n. abbr. Shed On Wheels
Of or relating to a delapidated or poorly-constructed motor vehicle, particularly one with poor handling and/or poor aesthetics.
Your Fiat Cinquecento is a Shed On Wheels!
by Hodgit August 06, 2004
n. impractical French unit of length based roughly on the circumference of the earth. Supporters claim that metres (and other metric measures) are more practical than Imperial measures despite the invention of the 'metric foot' (0.3 metres) and the 'metric yard' (0.9 metres), which defy the point of metrication.
Give them 25.4 millimetres and they'll take 1.6093 kilometres!
by Hodgit August 06, 2004
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