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Any girl who dresses everyday like she is going to some concert doens't matter what kind of music it is (rock, techno, whatever) as long as fits into some stereotype. Although heterosexual, these girls don't like dating guys. Thay are tomboys but they are not butch. Unlike metro sexuals they are not high maintenance. (Thats where there is role reversal: Metro sexuals are high maintenance as you would expect a girl to be. Alternachicks are not they are more like guys.) I don't know if they can be labeled as a whore because you can't say they go sleeping around with everyone but it seems that they prefer flings over dating. It seems that both metro sexuals and alternachicks seem to lead the lifestle of the opposite sex, only without being masculine or butch.
Tom: Who is was that hot eccentric girl at your party?

Jack: That's Demonica, she is an alterna chick.

Tom: Whats that?

Jack: You know: A girl who pursues her own fashion sense that is her own making. She is always on some sort of diet. She can't date one guy. She drinks beer and takes shots. She rarely wears makeup and thats why she can't geta job as a bertender, but can easily get a job at Hot Topic. She always hangsout with guys atsome live music event and occasionally makes out with girls at parties.
by Hoagie1 June 28, 2005

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