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A person who trolls others, only in person. It could be over text or during conversation.
The reality troll wouldn't stop making black jokes in downtown chicago.
by HoRNYMExiiCANNN October 21, 2010
What you call it when you tryn to record your gameplay on a video game console, and instead of using a special recorder, you set up a camera in front of the screen.
George couldn't afford a 50$ plug in recorder, so he set up a ghetto cam to record his quickscopes.
by HoRNYMExiiCANNN October 18, 2010
Synonym for calm down.
Steve: Your good at CoD! go get that guy, he doesnt see you!
Tim: SHHHHHH! (whispers) Be quiet!
Steve: Tone it down a notch, he can't here you.
by HoRNYMExiiCANNN October 11, 2010

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