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FUPA: described as "fat upper pussy area" or "fat upper penile area." All having to do with the upper pubic area which has become uncommonly and humorously large. Most commonly in gargantuan men and women. Sometimes it happens to cats also, for the same reason.

TO ITS VICTIMS: the Fupa affects sight, making it hard to see the penis or vagina. It affects transportation, making it hard to sit in a car comfortably, sitting around people in a bus, taking up two seats in an airplane, even standing is hard because of the unbalance weight distribution that gives a constant sensation of falling forward.

The Fupa also divides into the "upper fupa" and the "lower fupa." This division is caused by the pants that the victims wear near the center of their belly, creating the division. Appearing like ass cheeks sideways and the crack near the belt of the pant.

CAUSES: Mcdonalds, BurgerKing, laziness, lack of exercise, no point in life, World of Warcraft, anything dealing with the habit of fat people.

CURES: No cures have been found yet because the scientist with the FUPA has been too lazy to do anything about it.
"DUDE! that FUPA covers his penis!"

"You don't have a FUPA, till you learn how to drive with it."

(while waiting in line) "Oops, excuse my FUPA on your ass, it grows by the minute."
by Ho-ahm December 02, 2009

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