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One who is addicted to music. Cant live one minute of the day with there music, wether it would be rock, country, etc.
BOY:God damn i nearly died yesterday. I almost forgot to grab my ipod when i went to the corner store.
GIRL: god james your such a music addict, cant go one minute with out your ipod...loser...
by Hitlers_Angel July 10, 2008
When you let out a heep of gas, that is wet and SQUISHY sounding.
Girl: The other day i walked past tom in the hall and he let out a squishy fart, I thought he might have SHit his pants.
by Hitlers_Angel October 13, 2008
One who is morbbidly ubsessed with hitler, reads his books and even gets tattoos of his face on there bodies...love for hitlers ways
Girl: Eww. I didnt know you were a Hitlerlover.
Boy: Well i didnt get this swashtica tattood on my ass for nothing!
by Hitlers_Angel July 10, 2008
One, who comes down from heaven to suck the living shit out of your soul just to get high on life. She can also be considered a ghost.
Boy: Holy shit dude last night i was visited by the heaven queen.
by Hitlers_Angel October 13, 2008
1. a rude name you call a person when they are anoying you.
2. Also a name you can call people when they dont agree with your notions.
Kyle- "I dont believe that obama will make a good president."
James- " Oh shut the f**k up kyle, your just being a jew cookie. and where do cookies go?? IN THE OVEN!
by Hitlers_Angel November 10, 2008
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