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1. A term which means "northmen", which is what the raiders from Scandinavia were called by British, French, etc. At one time the Vikngs controlled much of the British Isles and western and northern France.

At one time in its history the French were so weak that they were bullied into making a Viking the Duke Of Normandy and letting the Vikings raid and pillage several Eastern French cities unimpeded. The honest Vikings kept to their word and decided not to sack Paris.

The Vikings were also fine shipwrights that build long oar powered boats called "longboats". These ships were long and thin, and despite their appearence they were very seaworthy. Despite popular belief, the Vikings never used longboats for combat, but as a transport.

Under Erik the Red they were the first finders of North America, but they didn't document it and therfore didn't get the credit. It is believed that the Vikings explored as far into North America as Newfoundland(east of Quebec, near Newbrunswick and Prince Eduard Island).

2. Mascot of Minnesota's NFL team. Note this teams is an an insult to the real Vikings.
Viking berserkers will hit your beaches, pillage your towns, and then rape your women.
by History nut November 20, 2003
Chinese philosopher whose Analects contain a collection of his sayings and dialogues compiled by disciples after his death.
"Study the past if you would define the future."

by History nut December 26, 2003
Despite what these guys may think, real Templars had nothing to do with Star Craft. Templar was the title for members of the Knights of the Temple. These warrior elites were similar to the Hospitallers and the Teutonic knights, in that they were extremely skilled knights that fought against the Saracens during the Crusades.
Saladins camel riding Mamelukes didn't stand a chance against Templars.
by History nut November 20, 2003

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