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Sophisto is a concept that transcends mere coolness. Sophisto could be likened to an aura that embraces the universe and on occasion subjectively targets worthy individuals, imbibing them with a unique chic effervescent quality only to be rivaled by a cocktail of champagne and diamonds. Furthermore Sophisto is not limited to people, it transcends its anthropomorphic form to honor select events of 'excellence and vision'. Most of all Sophisto is Rasha.
Sushi with Sheesha (nargile, hubbly bubbly, hookah) how Sophisto!
Being friends with Rasha tres Sophsito!
Having a tea boy named Smalloufa
by hippocrates January 09, 2008
1) A Protestant; typically Irish or of Irish decent.

2) Someone whose faith is NOT Catholic or anything of the like, but an actual "Christian"

3) Christians that specifically believe in a doctrine that was Reformed from the corrupted Catholic "orthodoxy".

Antonym: Catty
If you're from Northern Ireland, you're probably a Protty; and Prottys are always being murdered by fanatic Cattys.
by Hippocrates January 17, 2013
1) A Catholic or someone identifying with the Roman Catholic authority.

Antonym: Protty
The Pope is a Catty.
by Hippocrates January 17, 2013

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