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The combination of two of the most important, and related, people in the entire world - Skandar (Keynes) and (Charles) Darwin. Apparently Skandar is related to Charles Darwin, and since he often states this, un-srs bsns fans have decided to call him Skandarwin due to his excellent pedigree and halfway smile in eye-fucking video.

"Because I'm Cool like that." - Skandar Keynes

"I am related to Charles Darwin." - Skandar Keynes

Skandar Keynes is the great-great-great grandson of Charles Darwin. Trufax.
Team Skandarwin rules Narnia.
by Hippie from Hale July 10, 2008
The (wo)man who goes by the name William Moseley. Is in the Narnian films, enjoys teabagging, and was raised by chickens. Often known for ~posh accent, and tendency to slur and spit when talking about squirting orange juice on the devil (aka Bin Bons).
"I had to sit through five more hours of makeup because of that WillMO." - Ben Barnes
by Hippie from Hale July 10, 2008
An STD/STI acquired from touching an object Ben Barnes has fucked. Can also receive a BINBON by fucking the man himself.

Will be added to school books for Sex Ed. classes starting Fall 08'.
by Hippie from Hale July 10, 2008

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