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3 definitions by Hindotmo

A way of saying "idiot" in such a way that said idiot can understand. Also a way of showing someone's idiocy (idgicy) by said person not being able to understand the word. Also used to speak of idiotic actions: "idgitoic"
Example 1:

Guy 1: "Dude, you're such an idiot!"
Guy 2: "What's an idiot?"
Guy 1: "You're such an idgit!!!"
Guy 2: "Damn, dude, that's not cool."

Example 2:

Guy 1: "Dude, you're such an idgit!"
Guy 2: "What's an idgit?"
Guy 1: "My point exactly."
by Hindotmo February 24, 2008
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An alternative word for the phrase "I didn't ask to be excused." (I didn't ask for excusion.)"
Girl 1: *farts*
Girl 2: "Excuse you!!!"
Girl 1: "I didn't ask for excusion."
by Hindotmo February 24, 2008
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A way to finger a girl, with fingers in the shape of a pistol, two fingers in, using the thumb to rub her clit while making a slight twisting motion with the wrist.
Girl: Oh my god!! That feels so good! What are you doing?
Guy: It's called the pistol twister.
by Hindotmo February 17, 2008
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