1 definition by HilbillyMarine

1. A motivational slogan for two or more men participating in an activity. such as: working out, playing sports, or changing a tire. Intended to be shouted by a non-participating player such as a benched teammate, a bench-press spotter, or your buddy standing next to you while you break lug nuts loose.

2. A form of command, telling a friend to pursue the unattractive, (usually) heavy girl that is at the bar.

Kev: Damn these lugs are tighter than virgin mary.

Bo: Quit being a girl and getchu some.


Kev: That girl over there has been checking you out all night bro.

Bo: Which one? All I see is a beached whale.

Kev: Yeah that one, go getchu some of that. Save some for me too.
by HilbillyMarine July 31, 2010

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