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In Tasmania, Australia there are 2 breeds of bogans, theres the typical male "aussie" style bogan: who wears "wife basher" shirts (singlet tops) with many torn holes, tight stone wash jeans or some other pants, usually either wearing one or tied around the waist or slung over there shoulder a flanelette (flannie) shirt or holden/ford tops, and a pair of old blundstone boots (blunnies) and usually drives and old Holden Commodore or Ford Falcon. And swear the faces off, usually every second word is f**k. And are commonly seen with a can of VB in there hand.
Then theres the 2nd type usually teens who are seen decked out in dada, wutang, fox racing, eminem plastic crap, and the baggy wutang, fubu, emineme brand etc jeans and usually topped off with a cap of some kind, thinking that they're so damn cool but they're not. The female version is jeans that are so tight like you would not believe, have their hair pulled back and slicked down with a whole tub of gel except for 2 front bits which are pulled out and are the same length as the rest of their hair (commonly called "bogan bits") and wear dada, wutang, fubu, fox racing etc, jumpers 10 times too big for them and wear whole stick of eye liner on each eye and way too much foundation and are seen pushing prams around followed by a colony of young children (all to differnt fathers)
My god there is so many bogans around Hobart! It's like Bogan Central or something!
Nah, not going there to many scary bogans around!
by Hilary June 25, 2004
just like a shotgun, three cocks and she's loaded
Brandy is such a ho-bag
by Hilary November 20, 2003
coolest girl ever, lover
girl, nice, cool, booty
by hilary September 23, 2004
Made glorious by Wayne's World, it was done in the movie to show a boner coming on (ie: near the total babe Cassandra). Can also just be an exclamaition of happiness. It's important to do the pelvic thrust with it though...Basically, the sweetest word ever with the greatest action.
*Attractive person walks in* "Sha-wing!"
"Here's $20" "sha-wing"
by Hilary October 05, 2004
what sanj etc say
i.e. mate
wagowan bredwin
by hilary November 20, 2003
a person who is addicted to tanning. They usually can be easily spotted as they have unusually tan skin for their race.
"I hope you get skin cancer you tanenerexic bitch"
by Hilary March 21, 2004
abbreviation for Suck A Fat One
That evil bitch can safo
by Hilary January 12, 2003
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