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The whole point of the show was to investigate mysteries.

To 'Scooby Do' something means to check it out....
We heard about this party, so we 'Scooby Doo'd' it, and but LEO already busted it.
by Higherthanamile December 23, 2009
An accurately, but unintentionally placed punch below the belt line, with the aggressor usually being a child and the victim being a male, either the childs age or older.

The ideally placed zipper punch will render the victim helpless as he assumes the fetal position after immediately falling down. This is then promptly followed by any number of grunts, groans, tears, and sometimes laughter.
My daughter and I were roughhousing the other day and she leveled me with a Zipper Punch. And I almost passed out. Atta girl.
by HigherThanAMile November 12, 2010
A person who is not only stupid, but bitchy and stupid.
I heard this ribitchulous blonde tell a guy in a wheelchair that he was lazy.
by HigherthanaMile April 03, 2011
When you tag people you want to shame so they'll do something they should actually do.
I beat the hell out of my own car driving around the state, so I facemailed my boss into providing me with a company car.
by HigherthanaMile July 15, 2013

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