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chicken monkey: (n) an amusing, easygoing, fresh, funny, lively, playful, whimsical individual who people find interesting and can always predict that they'll make them either surprised or laugh by their humourous nature and sometimes, childlike behaviour, arousing a range of emotions from astonishment to shock.

It's an all inclusive term which can have both negative and positive connotations, depending on the situation and circumstance, which can only be determined from the speaker's tone of voice and expressions, as well as the situation of course.

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1. "You're such a chicken monkey, I can't believe you did that!" remarked Jane upon finding out how John got himself suspended from school.

2. "She's a chicken monkey! She always gets herself hurt. The other day, she closed the door on her own fingers."

3. "He's a chicken monkey. He constantly lies and never keeps secrets. That's the last time I let him in on a secret!"
by Hibo Hussein August 28, 2008

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