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Piece-of-shit car driven by the divorce lawyer of Fletch's ex-wife.
As I pulled up to my palacial, imitation apartment building, I observed the familiar red oldsmobuick of Mr. Arnold T. Pants, esq., attorney for the former Mrs. Irwin Fletcher.
by Heywood Jablowmie October 07, 2004
The only good radio station that Connecticut had, and then early last year- it was taken over but yet another rap station! So now we have 2 rap, 2 pop, and CCC which is decent.
"What the fuck is this shit that 104 is playing? Rap? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! DIE RAP!!!!!!!!!!! DIE I SAY!!!!!!"
by Heywood Jablowmie August 25, 2004
Something you yell at people randomly as you are driving down the street. Watch the reaction, but try not to crash.
Hey your son can't eat wheat or multi grain cereals because wheat is a major component.
by Heywood Jablowmie August 03, 2004
John Kerry, because of his inability to maintain a consistent voting pattern on legislation, the times he does manage to make the session and actually vote.
This November, we're gonna win one for The Gipper, and they're gonna lose one for The Flipper.
by Heywood Jablowmie October 07, 2004

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