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12 definitions by Heythewhat

a style of clothing worn by students, beggars or other people on low income who wear the same clothes for an extended period of time, by the end of which their toes are sticking out their shoes and moths fly out their armpits.
"Fashion Today" ranks 'Homeless Chic' the number one trend for poor students worldwide: "Wear you clothes to the MAX!"
by Heythewhat January 22, 2012
a sum of money given to a cop at the moment of arrest in exchange for a pardon.
"All I had was 1 dollar worth of prebail. I never had a chance convincing that cop to let me go."
by Heythewhat January 17, 2012
1. a male state of mind in which all attractive qualities in a woman, except her vagina, are rendered irrelevant due to an extreme lack of sex.

2.The only certified and approved medicine for the otherwise fatal condition of pussyhands.

3. A real turn off for a necrophiliac.
Billy: "Poor Tom hasn't gotten laid in years. He's now in pussypulse mode..."

Tom:" I don't care how ugly she is. As long as she has a pulse in her pussy I'M GOING IN!"
by Heythewhat January 14, 2012
an extremely annoying phrase used by zurbans, that conveys mutual trust and sympathy.
Zit 1: "hey Eric can you help me with your magic sword +1? we must defeat the black dragon!"

Zit 2 : "No prob Bob!
by Heythewhat January 08, 2012
a zit faced urban boy
Dude 1: "look at all the goddamn zurbans in this town"

Dude 1.37: "Yup! We've hit zurbania!"
by Heythewhat January 08, 2012