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A person who wishes to be a real emo but can't cut themsves or try to cut themeselves with plastic thinqs.

Wemo meaninq wannabe Emo. W-Emo
Person1: Look at that girl. She looks emo.

Person2: But she has no cuts on her arms.

Person1: Maybe she's Wemo?
Person2: Wemo? Ohh wannabe Emo.

Person1: Yupp.
by HeyCutie(: March 28, 2010
Accronym for i love you. Used to express stronq feelinqs toward a person you are texting or talkinq to on MySpace and Facebook. Not only used for a boyfriend or girlfriend but to a best friend.
ily so much<3(:
ily2 babe<3
by HeyCutie(: April 02, 2010
The greatest freaking band ever!(:
One of Sublime's best songs are Summertime and Santeria
by HeyCutie(: April 25, 2010
1. A whale penis.

2. A person who bothers or annoys other people.
1. That dork looks hungry :D
2. Fuck, I wish that dork would just leave me alone.
by HeyCutie(: April 01, 2010
A very wonderful guy(: he makes my heart pound when I see him and he is the most cutest person ever. he is very loyal and can be charming. although he is short he is full of loge to give and will never let you down.(:
My boyfriend is a total Harper.

Ohh how I love him!
by HeyCutie(: March 26, 2010
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