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The sweetest most amazing girl ypu will ever meet. Just being around her makes you feel good. She is beautiful and everything you want in a girl, beautiful, amazing, nice, sexy, an all around amazing girl. She will be your best friend and always stand by your side.
Dude one: Whoa man that chick over there, shes so hot and amazing on everyway.

Dude two: Ya man, her name must be analucia.
by Hey tony! December 11, 2010
A very common name for girls at DeLaura Middle School. Almost all the girls named gabby at DMS are really hot with nice asses that you want to bang, but you never will.
Most of the Gabbys at DeLaura are really hot, Gabby B.; Gabby D.; Gabby C.; ect.
by Hey tony! December 11, 2010
The worst school in florida at least. All the girls are sluts, Jamie Duffey *cough and the sevies are soooooo anoying. I sware the school used to be a prison. Youre at least finilly aloud to wear sandles, you werent aloud to for years, even tough were on the fucking beach. The boys basketball couldnt win if the goal was to loose. Most of the guys, and some of the girls smoke weed Kyle Bonen *cough. One thing thats cool is the princible likes to fish, as do most of the kids. But strait up its a ghetto school.
DeLaura Middle School is a crappy school.
by Hey tony! December 11, 2010
Girls that like to deep-throat and take cocks up the ass. Comonly with names like Gabby or Sofia. Most sluts have a big ass or big tits (but both help). They have sex with everyone but you.
Dude one: Dude, Gabby's such a slut.

Dude two: I know right, I would drive my car down that tunnel.

Dude three: You guys only think she's a slut cause you can't get laid by her.

Dude one and two: I know.....
by Hey tony! December 11, 2010
A very atractive and sexy female. But yet very horney and or perverted.
Dude one: That girl over there, she's pretty hot.

Dude two: Ya, but she always making perverted jokes and talking about sucking dick.

Dude one: Oh, she must be named Crista.
by Hey tony! December 11, 2010

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