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Game slang: A state of being. Hypure is the portmanteau of the words hyper and pure. If somthing is deemed Hypure. It is somthing that is super concentrated, or extremely potent. One that is Hypure possess unsurpassible skill therefore making them almost unkillable. Hypure can be likened to the term Gosu. But it's not exactly the same.
good luck killing him. bitch is hypure.

*Hypure is a song written by the industrial metal band Static-X
#portmanteau #gosu #unkillable #static-x #bitch
by Hexeroth August 24, 2010
A gamer's reference to your brain/psyche. It also could be used as the objectified form of your state of mind.

Frying one's mentalpod is not recommended. It is a self-inflicted form of a mental burn-out. Although it is self inflicted. It can be induced by the following catalysts-

Nerd raging, Trolling, and/or getting owned. Getting rolfstomped, Ganked, Pwned, lawled @, Having items stolen, destroyed, or misplaced. Getting out rolled on for items, having their fav. weapon stolen and/or misused. Purposley destroying vehicles that this person may have wished to use. Accidently walking into enemy/friendly fire/grenades/oncoming traffic. Losing duels to lesser geared individuals.
crack is bad for your mentalpod.
#nerd raging #trolling #owned #roflstomped #ganked #pwnt #friendly fire #faceroll #plug pulling #rogue
by Hexeroth August 23, 2010
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