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1. Animal of the Mammalia class and Primate order who walks on two legs, makes decisions with his third and doesn't enjoy sticking his dick in anything that has a Y chromosome.

2. Leader of the erosapiens.
1. Man: Take it, bitch. I'm a heterosapien.
Girl: Oh, yeah, Tom. You're so big.

2. The biker exclaimed, "I'm the head erosapien." The he gargled with a douche.
by Heterosapien September 26, 2003
1. One who swings and attempts to climb the dick of another. Hairs will usually be pulled and torn from the appendage.
2. Any old fuckin driver that is turning, but does so slow that you can feel yourself aging while you wait.
1. Quit sweatin me, ya mutha phukkin dickmonkey.
2. Move the old and busted out of my way, dickmonkey.
by HeteroSapien February 24, 2003
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