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(1994 - Present)
(Noun) - MC revolutionized the rap industry, bringing phat beats and phatter lyrics to the streets of Brooklyn. He is seen to be wearing groovy glasses, and has the hair of a carrot. Like a carrot, every. SINGLE. ONE. OF. HIS. TRACKS. are razor sharp.
Connor: Yo! You hear "MC Spitfire" new hit single "Corn"?
Topher: Ya bra, that tracks tripping shiiitt!
by Herrells8th November 12, 2010
The feeling that grows on your ass after staying online on World of Warcraft for longer than 5+ Hours.
Knick: My ass hurts soo bad.
Topher: Must've been playing WoW too much.
Knick: I know, that WoW Ass is rough.
by Herrells8th February 07, 2011

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