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A descriptive and exclamatory adjecive used to describe any person, situation, or thing which is by nature either exceedingly baller or unparalleled in clout.
Anything that is "diche" is characteristically massive in quantity, superior in quality, and masterful in delivery. On a scale from one to ten, "diche" actually converts from numbers to the letters O.G.
Dead Guy at the Perly Gates: "After I found the briefcase of money, just before my lawyer called me to tell me I won both my marital AND corporate lawsuits, I got run over by a city bus."

God: "God! that's so un-dicheful. Let him in."

OR (as an exclamatory adjective)

Dude#1: "Not only did I escape away with the drugs, but the cop cars behind me crashed into each other and the piglets inside were sent flying through their windshields!"
Dude#2: "Diche!!"
#baller #sick #clout #amazing #gangster
by HeroicFlow January 30, 2008
Commonly misunderstood as a term which stands for "Original Gangster," this versatile phrase (and it IS a phrase) actually means "Original Garvey," referring, of course, to Marcus Garvey- both the national hero of Jamaica and the founder of Pan-African activism later dubbed "Garveyism." The term "O.G." is used to describe a situation, object, or person who is slick, fortunate, above par, or of course, original. In essence, having resemblance or similarities to Garvey himself. (the Rastafarian Movement considers him a prophet)
Dead Prez: "This shit is O.G. This shit is O.G. Original Garvey Nigga!"

Dude #1: What happened to Kwaze-Murder after them jakes started shooting at'em?
Dude #2: nah. Kwaze straight-up pulled out the semi and blasted every which one of them lil' piglets.
Dude #1: That shit is O.G.
#o.g. #og #original gangsta #oh gee #o gee
by HeroicFlow January 29, 2008
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