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"Lowkes" is a term to describe a generally jolly guy, who never seems down and very easy going. Lowkes's tend to laugh at young rastafarian gentlemen as often as possible.
Lowkes ma main man, quick intoxicated bevergae later?
by Herman "The Hash" Henderson September 07, 2007
Bumchin is a term to describe a small young fat guy with a bit of a bum on his chin. He is known to hang round with General chode and chode kings prodigal son. He has declined my offer for an alcaholic beverage (bevvy) several times. Such a shame. Also dumped his first girlfriend after seeing her face.
<kev> ohhh bumchin lad goin for a bevvy later?
<bumchin>(high pitched voice) no one else calls me bumchin.
by Herman "The Hash" Henderson August 15, 2006
Chode King is just generally a bit of a guy although he doesnt have many mates for some reason. I have asked him if he wants to go for an alcoholic beverage, bevvy several times but he still doesnt know what it means. Has a long-lost son who he see's everyday but doesn't realise. Passer's by know his son by one name "Chode King's prodigal son".
Chode King lad goin for a bevvy later
Omfg Chode King you are a bit of a hunk
by Herman "The Hash" Henderson August 20, 2006

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