1867 definitions by Hercolena Oliver

Mirror or reflective medium
Reflected reality in a looking glass is not unlike virtual reality in cyber space.
by Hercolena Oliver November 07, 2008
Euphemism for stating not now, not ever
Better bet your bottom dollar not in a million years.
by Hercolena Oliver August 29, 2008
Your blessings: By the power fair in the hour of God's prayer, in the steadiness of Earth's oracles & the readiness of miracles, ur blessings this day hv begun as frm one.
by Hercolena Oliver June 15, 2010
Judgment (American English); judgement (British English)
Such is anger, envy, unfair judgement, hostility, violence.
God delights in loving kindness, judgement and righteousness elation.
As of those of a magnet distort your moral judgement in objections.
Allow your companions expressions without interruption or judgement.
by Hercolena Oliver August 27, 2009
Negative aspect
On the downside, the outcome does not appear all that promising.
by Hercolena Oliver November 06, 2008
Unfavourable conditions
Often life's not all what it seems and appears to be all doom and gloom after too many broken dreams.
by Hercolena Oliver March 19, 2009
Criticize; comment on in an unflattering manner
Do not unjustly criticise as it is wrong to point out wrongs!
by Hercolena Oliver January 23, 2009

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