1867 definitions by Hercolena Oliver

Pending deletion sites
Say amin and so IT will b in.
by Hercolena Oliver July 09, 2010
Unconventional registration; unit of energy and mechanical work in the centimetre-gram-second (CGS) system of units; (also sand sea or dune sea) is a large, relatively flat area of desert covered with wind-swept sand with little or no vegetative cover; also acronym for Emergency Response Guidebook, European Regulators Group and Eastern Research Group.
Erg with Wt. Hottail Hotail Hotale or Hotmale.
by Hercolena Oliver July 07, 2010
Manifestation of being inept; incapable of measuring up to expectations
Pity these as heaven straddles all boundaries and sentiments of joy ineption.
by Hercolena Oliver January 26, 2009
colloquially refers to 8
ate,9 none as nine,10 meant tenure of tent
by Hercolena Oliver April 28, 2008
Chat message
She complained she would die if he did not summarily send her a chag and in summary surely fifty years later she did.
by Hercolena Oliver April 06, 2009
Inserting DOS commands.
Don't you pull that dilDOS on me.
by Hercolena Oliver May 05, 2008
Lowly self-esteem
Seems the elf-esteem's not all it's played to be.
by Hercolena Oliver November 10, 2008

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