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The guys above clearly have no taste in REAL music. Just because slash can twiddle about more on a guitar, doesn't mean that they're better at it. It's not how fast u are. It's how inventive u are. Go listen to sum real music like Hendrix, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and sum others.

O and if u think that slash can move about on a guitar, u ent heard of John McLaughlin (Miles Davis Protege).
Hendrix will live on.
by hendrix August 01, 2004
Being both screwed and rooted at the same time.
Screwed + Rooted = Scrooted
by Hendrix February 10, 2003
neo-feminist-of relating to the modern womens rights movement
she is a neo fem and is part of the modern womens rights movement
by Hendrix July 13, 2004
Hendrix is the best.
And you all know it.
by hendrix August 01, 2004

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