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A band of ego bloated, arrogant rock stars who have become too drunk with fame and mass popularity to remember the musical roots and attitude which moved them into the scene in the first place.

They were for a time in the 1980's, a group of highly skilled and good heavy metal songwriters but ran low of that ability towards the end of the decade and this coincided with the tragic death of Cliff Burton and drummer, Lars Ulrich taking more of a leading role over the other members and using his hunger for the rock star world and apathy towards the heavy metal music and lifestyle which was the core of the band.

This band has no regard for the current heavy metal scene, this is evident with the mallcore bands they toured with after St Anger and they will never release anything of any worth to that scene again whilst bands that came before them like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest continue to release quality, honest, pure Heavy Metal.

Metallica have become everything they used to laugh at.
Jimmy: "Hey have you heard metallica's new album, St Anger? It's got no solos and "Shoot me Again" sounds like it could have been written by Disturbed!"

Pete: "Sponging off the current trends in heavy rock whilst claiming they've written a great metal album to boost their egos even more?....yep, that's Metallica for ya"
by Helstar October 07, 2007

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