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Town right outside of Chicago, Illinois. Filled with rich white kids...and more rich white kids, with the occasional racially diverse person thrown in there.

Know for it's heroin problem, highschool cross country team, incredibly slutty girls, preppy "jocks", and the fact that everyone there thinks they're ghetto. Which they aren't.

Also, one of those towns where if you don't get out soon enough, you won't get out at all. It'll suck you right back in Seems nice on the surface, but in truth, everyone hates it.

If you're there now, GET OUT, or have fun living a life of being a stepford wife, classic working husband, or a whiny, bitchy teenager.
Loser Jock 1:Dude! My mom bought a $60 fish for our koi pond!

Loser Jock 2: Yo nigz, thats the whitest thing I ain't never heard!

Loser jock 1: You're not black...this is Elmhurst, Illinois....

Loser Jock 2: Yes I is nigga!

by Helpthissucks January 30, 2011

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