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Classic rock band that became more of a fashion statement than a band as of late. Evidently it hip to buy their shirt at Target when you don't know much (if anything) about the band so you can be "hip" and rAwK!
OMG, we're going to the mall, mom? Let me put on my AC/DC shirt first!
by Hellstud November 02, 2007
This word has been tainted in the last several years. Yes, there are some people who are genuinely attracted to both males and females, which is fine. There is also this MTV-styled movement among young people, particularly females, who feel the need to act this way in public just to earn some cheap attention from men (most likely they grew up with no father so this is what they do to fill that void). They will especially act it up in bars or any gatherings where males are plentiful. Being loud at the same time to make sure the people whose backs are turned happen to turn around is also a must. Of course they don't ever engage in such behavior with the same friends when not in public or if, say, older people happen to be around. It's just a convenience factor and it strokes their ego when men hoot and holler at them for selling out their dignity.
PuNkGrRrLnUmBeR1: Hey look, those guys are checking us out! Quick, kiss me and fondle my boobs!

PuNkGrRrLnUmBeR2: Oh kewl! That'll make them talk about us and whip out their camera phones! Let's do it!

Typical behavior of "bisexual" females in bars.
by Hellstud August 21, 2007
What was once fantastic music enjoyed by a handful of rabid loyalists that has become more of a fashion statement recently that a music. Disenfranchised Caucasian kids flock to this as it is predominantly Caucasian and gives them an outlet to feel superior to the other kids that actually have futures. Remember, watch MTV2 and Metalapocalypse (if I said it wrong, good!), shop at Hot Topic, and play Guitar Hero III and soon you'll be more "black metal" than your friends who are also desperately trying to embrace this disgraced music by wearing Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir shirts every time they step out of the house!
PoSeRkId: Hey, cool shirt! Is that a black metal band?

BitterOldMetalhead: No, jerkass, it's an independent film I'm directing.
by Hellstud November 02, 2007

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