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2 definitions by Hello Asphalt

Originating in ancient Greece, mimes (or pantomimes) are people who act out a story by moving their body. This is done without the use of speech, so in a way, it is similar to interpretive dance.
Some popular miming actions are rope-climbing, "trapped in the box", the invisible wall, and leaning on air.
I went to the theater yesterday to watch the mime performance.
by Hello Asphalt October 03, 2007
To be "shallow" for a person means you like them, but only for their appearance or physical attributes. Similar to being "hot" for a person (having sexual interest in a person), except more specific in your reasoning for liking them.
Example A: "David is so obviously shallow for Cindy... he always mumbles about how great her boobs are."

Example B: "I hate to admit it, but I think I'm shallow for Curt after having seen his 6-pack at the pool the other day."
by Hello Asphalt January 07, 2008