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The most overpaid assholes in the MLB.
Their fans are also the biggest bandwagoning idiots EVER.
Fuck the Yankees
Yankees suck
by hello May 09, 2004
The greatest rock and roll band that ever existed.
"Guns N' Roses are cool and stuff"
by Hello June 03, 2003
A person who helps maintain this site by weeding out bad definitions. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. These brave men and women donate many hours of their time to better the Urban Dictionary with getting anything in return other than the satisfaction received from helping.
Thanks to the editors, this site will be a better place.
by hello March 31, 2005
means alright!!
im gonna go..aite
by hello February 22, 2003
1)An indian name
2)Often used as meaning beautiful
3)Always used as cool or awesome
1)Oh look its Suhani!!
2)You are like Suhani!
3)You not as cool as Suhani!
4)You are soo Suhani, but not like her!!
by Hello February 22, 2003
To be excited you would say that or instead of saying yay
Me:Yes im one, YAY YUH!
by Hello February 18, 2005
social groups in british society. why does it take until we are 18 to realise that we dont have to be part of these groups to have friends and be cool. i have to confess townies are the worst thouhg because they are just socialy retarded.
what can i do for this?
by hello January 07, 2005

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