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3 definitions by HellSpawn

a) act of greeting someone or saying goodbye to someone.

b) a hardcore thug.
a) "Dismo, nigga"

b) Holy crap! Look at that dismo!!"
by hellSpawn September 15, 2003
1.) Me
2.) A creature from the depths of hell named me.
3.) A portal that spawns hell itself onto the earth.
HellSpawn just pwned you at worms.
by HellSpawn December 18, 2003
Something that fat, sluggish, and smelly people can try to define for a solid fucking hour on Urban Dictionary.com! Seriously, you fucking tools, noone cares how much you can say about japanese animation. It doesn't make your hand into any more of a vagina. Go back to jerking off.
Anime" is a derivative form of "animation," coined in Japan to refer to all kinds of animation, both domestic and foreign. The word has a more specific meaning in Europe and North America, specifying Japanese animation. American fans of anime usually make a clear distinction between cartoons, such as Looney Tunes and Disney, and anime, which has certain different characteristics.

Anime, as defined in North America, has a distinct art style, often featuring large eyes, small noses, and bright colors. Animation from Japan is geared towards a Japanese audience, which has looser censorship standards, allowing nudity, violence, and mature themes in programming for children and teens; this is perfectly acceptable in Japan. Only a relatively small percentage of anime is pornographic (see hentai).

Unlike Disney animated movies and Saturday morning cartoons in America, Japanese anime is not always made for and marketed to children. Some anime have complex storylines and characters, exploring mature themes. Every genre is represented in anime, from drama to comedy to romance, fantasy to horror.

"Japanimation" is a synonym for anime, but is not used as much.

See also manga and otaku.
"She became an anime fan when she saw Fushigi Yuugi at a friend's house."
by HellSpawn February 01, 2005