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When girls stand close together, in a line, and usually front to back as if each of them were a paling of a fence, to take a picture.

Usually when they are all dressed up and about to go to a club.
"Hey girls, lets make a bitch fence and upload a picture to facebook before we go out."
by Hellfish January 11, 2013
The Creator of the universe and everything in it.
Creatress created the universe...God only provided the funds.
by HellFish August 10, 2006
Alien cook from Rigal that uses recipipes from: How to cook 40 meals for 40 people
"Hey remember that episode of The Simpsons with Serak the Preparer?"

"Oh yeah the one where he has the cookbook called How to cook 40 meals for 40 people?"

"Yeah that the one"
by HellFish August 10, 2006
A common typo in online auction sites. The intended word is mint, as in 'fresh from the factory'. Now an accepted usage. Almost always seen in all caps.
These cufflinks are MINTY, still in the original shrinkwrap!
by hellfish July 23, 2012

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