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The diametric opposite of what a male porn star should be. A textbook example of low or non-existent sperm count; it appears his testicles simply stopped functioning sometime around 1978. His cumshots have been accurately described as "scrotum dust" by his female co-workers.

The phrase "Randy West" can also be used as a euphemism in polite conversation for "exceedingly small penis" or "impotent." Doctors sometimes jokingly refer to the medical condition Retrograde Ejaculation as "The Randy West Syndrome."

ex: Peter North - Large cock; huge cumshots
Randy West - Small cock; dribble, dribble

Trivia: Jewish, real name Andy Abrams. Jews are sometimes categorized as having small penises, and unfortunately, Randy West fulfills this stereotype perfectly. Thank G-d Ron Jeremy exists as a counterbalance.

Antonyms: studly, real man
My ex-husband could never please me sexually; he's just another Randy West.

Dr. Rosenbaum's groundbreaking paper titled "The Randy West Syndrome" was published in the New England Journal of Medicine and offered new hope for sufferers of Retrograde Ejaculation, .

"A veteran of 800 pornos, Randy West, 48, is wrinkling around the edges. He has an average-size dick and pathetic dribbling cum shots." --Luke Ford, Jewish porn reviewer
by Heidi14 October 02, 2007

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