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Competitive cheerleading not affiliated with a school. Its sole purpose is competition locally, regionally, and nationally.
Indiana Cheer Elite, Cheer Athletics, Top Gun, New Jersey Spirit Explosion, Memphis Elite, Tampa Bay Allstars, West Coast Maverick Allstars, and Cheer Zone are all amazing allstar teams.
by HeeheeHaHa January 16, 2004
Cheerleading that is not on the sidelines cheering on a sports team, but it's own independent sport. Competitions are held to judge teams on things such as their tumbling (gymnastics) and stunting abilities. Much training and a higher skill level is imperative to succeed at competitive cheerleading.

Most competitive cheerleaders are allstar cheerleaders, which are cheerleaders not associated with a school.
The movie Bring it On is about two competitive high school teams.
by HeeheeHaHa January 16, 2004
Allstar cheerleaders are cheerleaders who cheer for a competitive allstar cheerleading team. They only compete, they do not stand on the sidelines to cheer on a sport, and they are not affiliated with school cheerleading.

(allstar cheerleading)
Indiana Cheer Elite Allstars are an awesome allstar cheerleading team.
by HeeheeHaHa January 16, 2004
A really lame attempt at making another slang word for the vagina.
"Pussoit" just sounds retarded.
by HeeHeeHaHa February 03, 2004
Cheerleading is an activity that involves tumbling, stunting, and the promotion of spirit. Depending on what skill level your team requires, skills can range from just the ability to smile and yell "go team go," or the ability to do difficult gymnastics and advanced stunting. There are two types of cheerleading:

Sideline cheerleading (your typical football cheerleaders)

Competitive cheerleading (the stuff you see on ESPN)

To understand the definition of cheerleading, you must understand the definition of a sport.

Sport - a physical and athletic activity governed by a set of rules including time and space, engaged in primarily for competition. It can be divided up into three categories:

Game sports (i.e. basketball, football, soccer)
Racing sports (i.e. track, cross country, swimming)
Performance sports (i.e. CHEERLEADING, gymnastics, figure skating)

Competitive cheerleading is a sport that is judged on how well a team can tumble, stunt, stay synchoronized, etc...
Indiana Cheer Elite Allstars are a very talented team that participates in a very difficult sport known as cheerleading.
by HeeheeHaHa January 16, 2004
A stay at home mom is a white, upper middle class woman who:

-thinks anything that is not white, upper middle class is inferior and/or evil
-thinks her children need her up their asses 24/7
-thinks working mothers are inferior because they aren't up their kids asses 24/7
-thinks men should be sperm donors and money makers, and nothing else. God forbid ever making a man be a father, and no, throwing the football around for 20 minutes on a Saturday and bringing home a fat paycheck does not make someone a good father.
-thinks her job is the hardest in the world, using dumb arguments from Dr. Phil like "stay at home moms have an equivalent to 2 full time jobs." Well honey, guess what, working moms must have 3 full time jobs, then. They take care of children, errands, and the house, but unlike your lazy, whining ass, they don't have from 6am to 8pm to do it.
-crucify working moms for not spending enough time with their children, but find it perfectly acceptable for a man to forgo time with their kids for their career (sexists hypocrites)
-max out their hubby's credit card at Talbot's, the hair salon, and buying a big ass SUV or mini van
-often depressed because they realize that saying your ABCs and watching Dora the Explorer all day is not how an adult should live their life
-constantly talk about "me" time
-end up with slutty daughters, misogynistic boys, and drug addict children because they were up their asses 24/7
-are trying to be the exact opposite of their mother by "trying" to be the best mom for their kids, but end up with children as I described above
-was born with the silver spoon: she lived off Daddy's money, and now lives off hubby's money. God forbid she ever pull her own weight.
-will argue that "pulling her own weight" is taking care of the kids, and how she doesn't value money, but time with her children, but still sends her husband off to work 14 hour days to pay for their 2004 Lexus, $300/month soccer fees for little Timmy soccer mom, and her 9am aerobics classes.
The mini van going 25 MPH in a 40 MPH zone contains a stay at home mom.
by HeeheeHaHa January 15, 2004

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